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Okanagan Institute Okanagan Institute The mission of the Okanagan Institute
is to contribute to
the quality of creative engagement in the Okanagan through publications, events and collaborations.

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Okanagan Institute
Kelowna BC Canada
Telephone 250.870.2690
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Okanagan Institute
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Okanagan InstituteOkanagan Institute Okanagan Institute
Okanagan Institute

A Pause for Refreshment
Okanagan Institute Freshsheet

After seven years, 274 Express events, dozens of collaborative initiatives, publications and special occasions, and more that 140 issues of our weekly Freshsheet newsletter - all of which are fueled by 100% volunteer effort, inspiration, energy and hours - we're feeling the need of a holiday.
Okanagan Institute So we're turning down the volume for a couple of months. That will allow us to ratchet back the coffee intake, spend more time in the great out-there that surrounds and nurtures us, tackle that daunting stack of unread books, and finally get back to work on the long list of dormant projects we all harbour, whether manifesto, perpetual motion machine, libretto, self-portrait, banjo, juggling, great Canadian novel, xeriscape garden, thingmaking or high-octane distillation.
Okanagan Institute During this pause we'll be more occasional than regular, more whisper than shout. We hope you'll stay with us in the meantime, not least because we're planning great things for the fall and into the coming year, and we'll be looking forward to your support and encouragement. Without which, this gift of creation and engagement would not have been, and will not be, possible.

The Okanagan Institute is a Pan-Okanagan Collaboratory that Promotes Local Creative Engagement.

Sage-ing Okanagan Institute The 12th, Summer issue of the Okanagan Institute journal Sage-ing With Creative Spirit, Grace and Gratitude is now at www.sageing.ca

"One of the strengths that sages possess, regardless of age, is a willingness to be educated by all things. Curiosity leads them to learn from all they encounter. They do not judge people or situations. When one relaxes into just being, everything can nourish and stimulate. For those who embrace life as a sage-ing experience, things come to them from the world and from the events in their lives. By taking time and giving attention to creatively respond to what might at first seem ordinary and not deserving of notice, life ripens with significance and meaning."

Okanagan InstituteOkanagan InstituteOkanagan Institute
News & Views You Can Use
Freshsheet reports and interprets events and trends, covers the challenges and opportunities we face, and the emergence of the new culture of local resilience.
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Okanagan Institute
Okanagan Institute
The Okanagan Institute is a group of creative professionals that has gathered around the goal of providing events, publications and services of interest to enquiring minds in the Okanagan. We partner with individuals, organizations, institutions and businesses to achieve optimal creative and social impact.

Our mission is to ignite cultural transformation, catalyze collaborative action, build networks and foster sustainable creative enterprises. We invite the participation by all members of the creative community.

The Okanagan Institute is a Pan-Okanagan Collaboratory that Promotes Local Creative Engagement.

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Okanagan Institute
Okanagan Institute
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